DVD Format

 Highly effective. Easy to Use

For more than 50 years, International Tele-Film has provided trainers with award-winning, highly-effective training resources to help organizations achieve corporate objectives. With a large portion of workplace training still being conducted using DVD resources, we are continually adding new and relevant programs to our collection and currently have 1800+ training DVDs in a diverse spectrum of topics.

DVD's are off-the-shelf, soft-skills programs that can be used as a stand alone training tool, or incorporated into ongoing training courses.

DVDs are flexible, allowing you to train with small or large groups, and can be used as often as needed. Most DVDs are accompanied by support literature that includes a leader or facilitator guide and participant workbooks or handouts.

Many of the DVDs are available in French and multi-language versions; many are chaptered, allowing the trainer to focus on a specific section of the program; some contain customizable PowerPoint Presentations.

All DVDs can be previewed online on this website for free. If for any reason you are unable to preview online, no charge previews can be sent to your office.

Search our online catalogue by category and preview all titles online at no charge at any time. You can access the full program to ensure that the content is what you need, and to make a purchasing decision. Our experienced account managers can help you match the right DVD program to your training project by providing a time-saving recommendation list by topic, running time, or budget.

For assistance in previewing or to request a recommendation list, please call (800) 561-4300 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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