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FISH! Trainer Tools

Designed by professional FISH! trainers, these resources help you create the same interactive, inspirational events as they do. The next best thing to having one of our trainers there with you.

FISH! Trainer Tools shows you how to make your participants the centre of the experience. It offers proven techniques to ensure that they are involved and engaged learners, not just passive observers. The program comes with everything you need to create a memorable event:

      • PowerPoint slides and reproducible handouts for participants
      • Twenty-five short videos showing experienced facilitators in
        action, modeling proven techniques.
      • A workbook with activities and exercises to help people see
        the relevance of FISH! to their lives and work.
      • Customizable outlines for your FISH! training event.

Trainer Tools helps you develop a plan with your managers that will sustain the momentum your event ignites and build alignment with leadership that's critical to success.

Learn more about the Trainer Tool components.

FISH! Trainer Tools Components can also be found in the following sustainability training packages:

You can order all of your FISH! training DVDs and Packages online at www.itf.ca – or speak with a FISH! consultant at 1-800-561-4300 – or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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