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Classroom Experience


Every school year, teachers lose approximately 400 hours of instruction time dealing with behaviour issues. The FISH! For Schools Classroom Experience helps you regain that precious time.




FISH! For Schools Classroom Experience

Classroom Experience (K-2)


Classroom Experience (3-5)


Classroom Experience (6-8)


Classroom Experience (9-12)




When students and teachers discover common values, they create uncommonly successful classrooms. The Classroom Experience Guide provides interactive experiences designed to help students help you to build a more respectful, focused and fun learning environment.

This research-based approach includes age-appropriate activities, discussion starters and exercises to help teachers and students:

  • Create Behavioural expectations that are owned by everyone in the class.
  • Live The FISH! Philosophy in a way that meets your goals.
  • Build a caring community where everyone feels safe and ready to learn.
  • Develop character, empathy and personal responsibility.

  • Grade K-2
  • Grade 3-5
  • Grade 6-8
  • Grade 9-12
k-2The Grades K-2 Classroom Experience focuses on teaching students about personal responsibility and accountability through storytelling, puppetry, art and other engaging activities. Each extension and activity is designed for the developmental level of young learners, focusing on dramatic play, role play and music. Purchase includes a Pete the Perch puppet.
K-2 Sample Lesson (PDF)
k-2The Grades 3-5 Classroom Experience is designed to let students help transform their class culture by reinforcing positive behavior support and uses inquiry-based methods. FISH! For Schools will help your students become better learners and citizens. With students growing independence and the ability to observe the world, the activities and extensions help learners hypothesize ways to improve the school experience with others—and carry out original experiments to test their hypotheses—helping to build self confidence and learning about the impact they can have on their own environment.
3-5 Sample Lesson (PDF)
k-2The Grades 6-8 Classroom Experience focuses in on helping to forge leadership skills in students as they face the pressure of adolescence. Choose from expanded activities, lessons and extensions to help impart the practices of The FISH! Philosophy—Be There, Play, Make Their Day and Choose Your Attitude. This was designed to take advantage of the fact that students in this age group are trying to fit in with peers and many group activities designed to solve problems that may exist in the school culture.
6-8 Sample Lesson (PDF)
k-2The Grades 9-12 Classroom Experience has been redesigned to include a wider array of activities and lessons for multiple learning styles that can be done in a homeroom setting in shorter time periods. This guide helps students focus on their current role in society, as well as plan for their future roles. Combining conversations, physical activities and small group exercises, FISH! For School Grades 9-12 will address the common concerns of students who are moving from adolescence to adulthood.)
9-12 Sample Lesson (PDF)
Each Classroom Experience Kit includes:

    • Student FISH! video - Blends the best of the original FISH! video with footage of students explaining how they live the philosophy. It's a great way to show your students how these behaviours relate to their lives.
    • A teacher guide with age-appropriate conversation starters and activities to help students understand FISH! behaviours and practice what they've learned. Includes CD with activity reproducible.
    • Posters to reinforce each FISH! behaviour
    • Music CD (K-2 and 3-5 only)
    • Pete the Perch puppet (K-2 only)

These tools are easy to integrate into your existing curriculum. Instead of adding to your already busy plate, they are designed to support an environment that gives you more time for teaching and gives students more time for learning.


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