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It Starts with me


FISH! for Leaders - It Starts With Me $315


Your most important leadership tool is not power, achievement, experience or charisma. It's your example. You set the tone for the people you lead. They look to you to model the behaviours that build a healthy, effective organization. And because they look to you, your first task is to look within.

"To change an organization, you've got to start to change yourself," says Rob Gregory, owner of Rochester Ford Toyota. "As I work on myself I find I have a bigger impact on people than when I was trying to work on them."

It Starts With Me awakens the self-awareness that leaders need. Whatever you want to achieve, it reminds you that you must first "be" the change you seek in others.

It Starts With Me is perfect for:

    • Introducing leadership development training.
    • Change initiatives require high levels of trust and communication.
    • A refresher in personal accountability.

It Starts With Me includes video (9 minutes) and downloadable support materials (facilitator's guide, assessment tool and PowerPoint slides).

Participant workbooks for each FISH! For Leaders programs are sold separately.

Also available:

Participant Workbook: It Starts With Me


Streaming/Digital License available for LMS or Intranet.
Call (800) 561-4300 to learn more.

Other programs in the FISH! For Leaders Series include:

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