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Choose Your Attitude

FISH! for Leaders - Choose Your Attitude $315

As leaders, there are going to be days when your attitude is not what you'd like it to be. That's understandable—you're human. But it's critical to remember that as a leader,
your attitude has a major influence on the people around you. Their attitude will reflect the tone you are giving off.

What impact do you want to have on the people you lead? Choose Your Attitude, part of the FISH! For Leaders Series, shows you how to show up for your team in a way that picks them up, not drags them down.

Choose Your Attitude will help you:

    • Understand that you alone are responsible for your attitude.
    • Switch your attitude when the one you have chosen is not working.
    • Respond to problems and mistakes in a way that strengthens relationships, not damages them.
    • Choose the impact you want to have before you enter difficult situations.

When you take responsibility for the attitudes you choose, without trying to blame someone or something else, you set a powerful example of integrity and accountability for your team.

Choose Your Attitude includes video (8 minutes) and downloadable support materials (facilitator's guide, assessment tool and PowerPoint slides).

Participant workbooks for each FISH! For Leaders, programs are sold separately.


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Participant Workbook: Choose Your Attitude



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