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Be There

FISH! for Leaders - Be There $315

It's difficult to lead without earning trust. A lot of things go into building trust, but it starts with being there.

Being there isn't a skill. It's a commitment. Be There, part of the FISH! For Leaders series, shows you how successful leaders make other people a priority, set aside distractions, listen to understand their point of view and, most of all, demonstrate that they care.

Be There will help you:

    • Understand your impact on the people you lead.
    • Strengthen relationships with your team.
    • Earn the respect of your employees by showing them respect.
    • Learn more by listening better.

The key to Be There is that people may not need you all the time. But when they do need you, they need all of you.

Be There includes video (9 minutes) and downloadable support materials (facilitator's guide, assessment tool and PowerPoint slides).

Participant workbooks for each FISH! For Leaders programs are sold separately.

Also Available

Participant Workbook: Be There


Streaming/Digital License available for LMS or Intranet.
Call (800) 561-4300 to learn more.

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