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FISH! for Leaders

  • Be There
  • It Starts With Me
  • Make Their Day
  • Play
  • Who Are You Being?

As a leader, your greatest influence is not power or charisma. It's the example you set for the people you lead and the relationships you build with them.

FISH! For Leaders
sharpens their interpersonal skills that increase trust and motivate people to follow their lead. The FISH! For Leaders Series is for team leaders at all levels, and for anyone, from business owners to frontline supervisors, who wants to lead more effectively.

The FISH! For Leaders series collection consists of the following and it is available on a USB stick. Each includes a video and downloadable facilitator's guide with discussion questions, PowerPoint slides and an assessment tool.


FISH! for Leaders Series Collection: $1049

It Starts With Me

Whatever you want to achieve, you must first "be" the change you seek in others. A perfect way to kick off any leadership training or as a refresher in accountability.

Be There

Shows how successful leaders set aside distractions, listen to understand the other person's point of view and show they care. To lead well, you must earn trust.


To encourage creativity, leaders must nurture an environment of trust and free of fear.

Make Their Day

Shows leaders how to fuel commitment through acknowledgement and appreciation. To excel, people must feel valued.

Choose Your Attitude

Your attitude has a powerful effect on the people you lead. Choose Your Attitude shows how to lead in a way that lifts people up, instead of dragging them down.

Who Are You Being?

Shows you how to lead with greater integrity and consistency. Great leaders are guided by what they stand for, not by temporary ups and downs.

To order or for more
information on a FISH! For Leaders workshop, call 1-800-561-4300 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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