MANAGER MOMENTS: Interviewing and Termination Do's and Don'ts

There may be several good reasons why most managers dread interviewing prospective employees. The risks of being fooled into hiring the wrong person or stepping on a potential legal landmine in the interviewing process can outweigh the excitement of finding the right person and taking their team to a new level.

Whether the goal is to interview for attitude, set aside their own bias, predict future performance or just keep questions on a legally safe path, this collection of brand new programs this designed to provide managers with the planning and preparation tools they need to substitute dread and anxiety with focus and excitement.

MANAGER MOMENTS: Interviewing and Termination Do's and Don'ts is designed to deliver short blasts of practical wisdom to busy professionals on everyday management challenges. Related topics are grouped into bite-sized programs which engage viewers with real world role-plays. An amiable host helps reinforce the learning takeaways with memorable graphics throughout, as well as closing with a quick training review.

Think about your employees for a minute. Who would you like to hire again and again? And, why?
Is it solely based on efficiency and productivity? Probably not. It probably has a lot to do with the attitude they have as they perform their job and interact with the people around them.

The key is being able to recognize this quality during the interviewing process. Tough to do? Not if you follow the tips in the Six "How To" Videos in this new training program:

How to Interview for Attitude (5:37 min.)
More than anything else, an employee's attitude determines their success or failure. This program helps interviewers probe for successful attitudes, uncover attitude "red flags," and ask follow-up questions to confirm the right candidate to hire.


How to Interview Without Bias (6:05 min.)
Bias is not always negative, it simply means we have an inclination toward some things and away from others. This program teaches interviewers how to become aware of their own inclinations and then use the right questions to bring balance, fairness and objectivity to every job candidate.


How to Interview to Predict Performance (5 min.)
Would you re-hire all of your employees? Predicting the exact future is impossible, but predicting an employee's future performance based upon their past performance can be easier than you think. This program teaches interviewers to do just that, by asking the right kind of questions.


Termination Do's and Don'ts (6:15 min.)
It is impossible to make employee termination anything other than what it is... a bad day for all concerned. This program lays out a path for managers to follow, to make the meeting as smooth as possible while avoiding potential termination land mines.

Terminating for Poor Performance (7:47 min.)
When an employee's repeated poor performance is cause for termination the meeting is about nothing but that, short and to the point, the time for reviewing, assessing, and discussing performance is past. This program helps managers keep on track and make this unpleasant task as quick and painless as possible.


What Is Sexual Harassment (5:38 min.)
As a manager, you are responsible to be aware of, and address any issues of sexual harassment within your team, so you need to be armed with good information. This program is designed to clearly define what sexual harassment is and give candid, helpful guidelines to prevent it from sabotaging the success of your team.



Manager Moments: Interviewing and Termination Do's and Don'ts is perfect as an Interactive Self-Study program or as part of a Management Workshop Training Session. Use all six of these insightful programs, together with the comprehensive Manager's Guide, the next time you face a termination situation or when you need to hire your next team member. 


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  Purchase Package Includes:
    • DVD with 6 "How to" Videos
    • Reproducible Manager's Guide

DVD Package Price:

    • $1175
    • Each of the six "how-to" videos is available for streamed delivery. License fees start at $650 per program for up to 50 users.


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