FISH! Culture

How we talk about our work shapes the way we think and act at work. Whether they are positive or negative, our conversations are our culture.

If you want FISH! to make a long-term impact, invest in FISH! Culture. It provides the tools you need to powerfully introduce the philosophy—including the video FISH!—plus 11 additional conversations to keep your positive momentum alive. Each unit includes a short video that explores a part of the philosophy, conversation starters that encourage everyone to contribute, and action ideas to help you achieve your goals.

Through regular conversations, the team explores each practice of the philosophy and learns how to make it a habit. FISH! Culture gets everyone involved, building personal ownership.

You may also use the individual units as an ongoing resource to address specific needs such as communication, trust and engagement.

Learn more about the units in FISH! Culture.

FISH! Culture will help your team:

      • Develop a shared vision of how to serve customers, internal and external.
      • Clarify common values of how to treat each other.
      • Recognize new opportunities to make a positive difference for others.
      • Build relationships that encourage creativity, trust and respect
      • Encourage commitment and accountability within your team
      • Create an effective environment that fosters success

Questions? Speak with a FISH! consultant at 1-800-561-4300.

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