FISH! Philosophy™ Workshops

Profound Personal Transformation – one individual at a time!

The FISH! Philosophy Workshop is a customized, high-energy, motivational workshop that will help unleash creativity, improve working relationships and model a team approach that focuses on personal accountability to ensure team and organizational success.

The FISH! Philosophy workshops are tailored to match your exact needs. Our certified facilitators can deliver workshops that last anywhere from a power-packed few hours to a more expansive experience spanning a number of days – to audiences large and small. Each action-packed, Workshop includes a screening of the world-famous FISH! training video, group discussions, self-discovery exercises, group brainstorming sessions, hands-on activities, and lots of fun and laughter!

FISH! is committed to creating a culture of trust, accountability and innovation by introducing four basic practices:

Be There Play Make Their Day Choose Your Attitude

These principles provide a common language that inspires new conversations about what's possible. New attitudes develop. Performance improves. Customers notice. 

Trust increases. FISH! gets into the hearts and minds of everyone at work, empowering them to be alive and engaged!

Bring a FISH! Philsophy Workshop to your organization to:

Catch a positive attitude!
People watch FISH! because it's fun. They put its important message into practice because it's fundamental to satisfying work and delighted customers!

Join the inspired today, and bring a FISh! Philosophy Workshop to your organization!

The FISH! Philosophy Workshop is available in English, French, or as a bilingual presentation.


To book a FISH! Philosophy Workshop for your group or organization please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Tel: (416) 252-1173 Ext 251 or (800) 561-4300