What our FISH! Workshop customers are saying...

"Although I had long been a believer in the FISH! philosophy, this interactive workshop really brought my enthusiasm to a whole new level. The joy and energy continues to resonate throughout our organization in innumerable ways. Positive feedback from all who attended has been so invigorating for our workplace. Thanks so much for making Brampton Library a better place to work and play!"

- Rebecca Raven, CEO Brampton Library

"Thanks so much for a great afternoon. It has played a big role in how we are looking at ourselves and how we deal with our patients. Everyone is reciting the 4 principles of the Fish philosophy and I can notice a change in everyone too for the better, and we are having fun doing it!"

- Niagara-on-the-Lake Family Health Team

"Great workshop and tools. Flexible enough to meet/address everyone's needs, questions..."

- Sharon Dominey, Smart Learning & Development Solutions

This really was the best training I've attended. I'm nervous and excited to go to work and implement FISH! I'm proud to be a FISH! trainer. Thank you for this opportunity.

- Tara Soucie, Supportive Housing in Peel

This was truly something I needed to experience at this time in my life. I am energized, inspired and empowered by the simplicity of this powerful practice.

- Sarah Bautista, Public Health Canada

Thank you, best training session ever!!

- Sean Scholes, Supportive Housing in Peel

LOVED the session. Amazing workshop and by far the most memorable and influential one I've been to yet. Presentation skills were outstanding. I am so energized to take this back to my workplace.

- Samantha Ierfino, Correctional Services Canada

Best most inspiring two days! Great job

- Christine Penner, TC Transcontinental Printing


- Julie Proulx, TC Transcontinental Printing

Had no idea how the whole thing was going to play out, but it is going to be good for our community.

- Donna Chief, Seven Generations Education

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