FISH! Tales: Vital Signs

At one point the workload on the neuro-renal unit at Missouri Baptist Medical Center became so overwhelming that even caring dedicated nurses felt stressed. They helped and thanked each other less often. Teamwork suffered, morale declined.

In Vital Signs, you'll see how one team used The FISH! Philosophy to focus on serving people again, instead of simply serving tasks. The philosophy helped the staff to "be more human" at work, leading to greater support and communication. Patient and employee satisfaction rose.

Vital Signs offers valuable lessons on team-building and service through several inspiring stories, including:

    • An employee who used his gift of music to preserve the dignity of a dying patient.
    • How a little plastic fish helped team members to say thank you to each other.
    • An unexpected gift that reminded the staff how important it is live your values—even when you're not sure you made a difference.

Vital Signs demonstrates how any team can use The FISH! Philosophy to care for each other as they care for their customers, leading to success and satisfaction.


Product Details:

FISH! Tales Vital Signs DVD (18 min.)


Vital Signs Conversation Guide (must own DVD)


Streaming/Digital License available for LMS or Intranet.
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