FISH! Tales: Peak Experience

If you were to go to any ski resort in Colorado, you'll find beautiful scenery, the most advanced equipment and great accommodations. So how does one ski resort stand out?

At Aspen Skiing company, the answer is: Its employees. The FISH! Philosophy helped Aspen create a "Peak Experience" for every guest. As Aspen's CEO says, "It's not good enough anymore to simply be polite and say, 'Have a nice day,' and mean it. You've gotta go beyond that if you're gonna be different."

Through this program, you'll learn the importance of:

    • Making an "emotional breakthrough" with the people you serve.
    • Defining the size of your team's "playing field" with your employees—and expanding it if employees need more freedom to do their jobs.
    • How small things, like a smile or a little special attention, can make a huge impact when multiplied by many employees.

If you're looking to create fun, memorable interactions for your customers, watch Peak Experience and discuss its lessons with your team!

Product Details:

FISH! Tales Peak Experience DVD (9 min.)


5-day Rental


Download (3-day)


Peak Experience Conversation Guide (must own DVD)



Streaming/Digital License available for LMS or Intranet.
Call (800) 561-4300 to learn more

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