FISH! Tales: Jump Start


Rochester Ford Toyota is a car dealership that had the worst record for sales and customer service in its region. Even worse, the employee satisfaction scores were so low they were almost immeasurable. Good employees were leaving in droves.

But when a new owner introduced a new philosophy - the FISH! Philosophy - everything changed! Go behind the scenes as the employees at Rochester use the FISH! Philosophy to transform a divisive workplace to one of teamwork, co-operation and fun, and go from worst to first in their region! You'll see how to Jump Start the energy at your workplace...and keep it revving!

Owner Rob Gregory jump-started his organization by:

    • Sharing a vision of a customer-focused, fun play to work and inviting employees to participate in making it a reality.
    • Constantly telling everyone, especially customers, what the business was committed to, and reconnecting to that commitment every day.
    • Rebuilding broken relationships by being there for each other and listening to the other person's perspective.
    • Working to improve himself rather than trying to change others.

Product Details:

FISH! Tales Jump Start DVD (12 min.)


5-day Rental


Download (3-day)


Jump Start Conversation Guide (must own DVD)


Streaming/Digital License available for LMS or Intranet.
Call (800) 561-4300 to learn more 

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