FISH! Tales: Building Trust

Tile Tech Roofing was a good place to work, but some people were so nose-to-the-grindstone that they didn't pay attention to others. Teamwork suffered. FISH! showed them a better way.

That's when Tile Tech decided to strive to be 'World Famous.' Building Trust shows how any organization can bring a vision such as World Famous to life.

For Tile Tech, the fundamentals include:

    • Focusing on how you show up for each other from moment to moment.
    • Celebrating behavior that demonstrates what you say you are committed to.
    • Concentrating on doing what you say you are going to do, rather than worrying about fixing others.
    • Helping each other to "be" who you say you want to be, not just to correct them but because you care about them.
    Using The FISH! Philosophy, Tile Tech increased customer satisfaction, dramatically improved its safety record and achieved new levels of teamwork and trust. As one roofer said, "If that ain't world famous, I don't know what is!"

Product Details:

FISH! Tales Building Trust DVD (12 min.)


5-day Rental


Download (3-day)


Building Trust Conversation Guide (must own DVD)


Streaming/Digital License available for LMS or Intranet.
Call (800) 561-4300 to learn more

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