FISH! Business Solution

Like a house on a solid foundation, every successful organization needs a healthy culture.

The FISH! Philosophy gives you the tools to build that culture.

Organizations that achieve the most success with FISH! point to three requirements for their success:

  • A powerful FISH! introduction that gets people excited and invested
  • Continuing conversations that reinforce the FISH! Philosophy and make it part of "the way we do things around here"
  • Leadership that models the FISH! Philosophy in its own behaviour

The FISH! Business Solution delivers all three of these essential ingredients. It's the ultimate FISH! culture transformation resource.

The FISH! Business Solution Includes:

    • 1 FISH! DVD (also available On-Demand streaming)
    • 1 FISH! Culture (FISH! Culture DVD, FISH! Culture Facilitator's Guide, FISH! Culture Personal Workbook, FISH! Culture Audio CD)
    • 1 FISH! Trainer Tools (Trainer Tools Facilitator's Guide, Trainer Tools Facilitator Examples DVD, Trainer Tools Event and Sustainability CD, FISH! Participant Workbook, 1 set each of Choose Your Attitude Cards, Let's Make a Day Cards, and Conversation Cards)
    • 1 FISH! For Leaders Series Collection (6 FISH! For Leaders DVDS, each DVD includes downloadable Facilitator's Guide with Discussion Questions, PowerPoint Slides and Assessment Tools. Each DVD also includes 1 Participant Workbook)
    • 1 Brand Pack (1 each: FISH! Participant Workbook, Pete the Perch, FISH! Pen, FISH! Pin, FISH! Magnet, FISH! Playbook, Our Workplace Poster, Who Are You Being Wristband)

Have questions? Just call one of our expert FISH! consultants at 1-800-561-4300 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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